Lithium Ionen Akku mit 300Wh

Questions about the battery

How realistic is the specified range?

The range depends on many influenceable and non-influenceable factors. Therefore it is difficult to give exact range figures. With our smart system you can also influence your range yourself by changing your driving profile. You can find more about this under "Pendix Apps". The ranges given are based on the ECO mode with driving profile "Performance" (= factory setting). The range indicates the range you can achieve under ideal to difficult conditions. Nevertheless, factors are left out which we cannot foresee. Here you can find a blog post, which gives you some more hints on how to optimize the range.

What can I use the USB interface on the battery for?

The batteries of the Pendix eDrive have a USB-C port, which you can use to charge and operate typical USB devices such as mobile phones, navigation devices or lamp systems. You may also need an adapter cable to connect the existing USB device to the battery. You can order this in our online shop. The Pendix eDrive battery itself cannot be charged via the USB interface and it is not possible to exchange data via the USB interface.

How can I protect the battery of my Pendix eDrive against theft?

To enable you to connect the battery during short stops, there is a steel shackle in the bottom of the Pendix eDrive 300 and eDrive 500 which can be pulled out and thus easily secured with a bicycle lock. Here you can find a short clip. You can also easily remove the battery.

Has the battery been tested for safety?

Safety is Pendix's top priority alongside quality and functional requirements. Every single battery manufactured by Pendix undergoes rigorous testing in accordance with European directives and standards. Only when all of them have been successfully passed does it go on sale. Pendix and its suppliers produce according to the strictest quality guidelines to ensure that safety is maintained in the long term.

Is there a battery with a capacity higher than 300 Wh for my Pendix eDrive?

Yes, you can choose between the following two battery capacities: 300 Wh and 497 Wh. In order for you to be as flexible as possible with your Pendix eDrive, we have made sure that you can combine several batteries with the eMachine. The motor and the bracket are the same for all three battery systems.

How are the battery and the motor electronics protected against water?

The Pendix eDrive is IP65 protected against water jets from all directions and therefore offers increased protection against water. However, you should not use high-pressure cleaners, as the system is not designed for this type of load.

How do I store the battery if I do not use it for a long time?

If you cannot use your bike with the Pendix eDrive for a long time, it is best to store it in a dry room with temperatures well above freezing. Pendix recommends that you charge the battery to 50 to 80 percent and check its condition at least every 12 weeks.

What does blue flashing on the ePower mean?

If your ePower only flashes blue and white for a short time, then you have just disconnected or connected to your battery via an app. If your ePower only flashes blue, then there is an error in the system. Why not use our PRO App and find out what the problem is in the "Diagnosis" section under "Bike". There is usually also the point "More information?", which helps you to solve simple problems yourself.

Do you have any more questions?

Then you can find a Pendix dealer near you here in our dealer search. Just contact him and ask him your questions.

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